Email address and Cell Phone Validation

Mirna_DuarteMirna_Duarte Member
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Is it on the roadmap to add  (or maybe it already exists) functionality that would validate the email address and cell phone numbers that applicants provide?  Once the application is submitted, all outreach and communication is dependent on sending information to the correct email/cell phone number.  This is especially needed with cell phone numbers as we move toward communicating more frequetntly via text messaging. 


  • KathyKathy Member
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    Hi Mirna,

    At Chaffey we require validation each semester prior to registration via a pop-up that must be acknowledged before the student can proceed with registering for classes.  It has been in place for a few years now and has made a difference in accuracy of data.  Email addresses were a lost cause as frequently as they are changed, so we now send all communications to a student email address assigned by the college at time of first registration.

    I hope this helps.
    Kathy Lucero
    Chaffey College
  • Mirna_DuarteMirna_Duarte Member
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    Thank you for the info Kathy.   We also have a method to validate after the student has applied.  The problem we are trying to tackle is when a returning student re-applies and provides a new phone number, we don't want to replace the number that was previously validated with this new unvalidated number.  If CCCApply would add a validation step, it would save us from downloading possibly bad data into our SIS.  
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