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When I download a BOG application for a student that is listed as a "2020" BOG application,  I am assuming this refers to Summer of 2019, Fall of 2019-2020 and Spring of 2020.  Is this correct? The actual app says  "Fall 2019 through Summer but I am sure this is an error as previous years correctly state Summer through Spring.  Again, my primary purpose is to identify whether the BOG app with the indicator "2020" applies to Summer of 2019 to Spring of 2020. Thank you in advance for your time.


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    Hi Victoria,

    The specification for the BOG Year field is described in the "CC Promise Grant - formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver Application - Specification (aka Data Dictionary).  Here's a link to the document(s) on the CCCApply Public Documentation > Data Dictionaries space.

    Here's what the 2019-2020 CC Promise Grant Application Specification says about the "BOG Year" field (see page 7-8)

    "Example: if year_description_1 is Fall 2016 through Summer 2017, then the bog term_code is "2017").

    The Academic Year Defined

    The CCCApply standard application’s internal college table contains an academic_year field that is
    associated with the CC Promise Grant (BOGFW) application year.
    This field contains a value of 1 or 2  which indicates the following:

    1 = Fall through Summer
    2 = Summer through Spring

    The academic_year code is selected and set by colleges in the Administrator application’s  College tab for the CCCApply application. Each college must  ensure that this field is set to align  with their financial aid award year. For more information, see the CCCApply Administrator  User Guide (which can be found on the CCCApply Public Documentation > User Guides page.)

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