CCCApply changes in support of AB705

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What are the additional CCCApply changes in support of AB705 for 6.2?

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    Hi Debra!

    Thanks for your question.

    The AB 705 changes referred to in the recent Release Update announcement include mostly text changes, some minor logic changes. and additional help text to the existing self-reported Multiple Measures questions that are currently available to colleges in CCCApply now.

    As a reminder, colleges must "opt-in" to have these self-reported "multiple measures" questions display to their applicants in the Standard Application. At this time nearly every college has opted in. The questions appear in a section called "High School Transcript Information" on the Education page - based on the applicant's College Enrollment status and High School Education Level status.  You can read the existing implementation specs in the CCCApply Standard Data Dictionary under "High School Transcript Information" in the TOC.

    CCCApply received the proposed changes from the Multiple Measures Steering Committee over the past couple of days.  We met with them today to clarify some questions and once we've gotten approval on the final draft, we will update the pre-release notes and announce to the colleges immediately.

    Thank you again and please let me know if I can provide any further clarification.

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