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Josie_CabanasJosie_Cabanas Member
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Where can I find the list of High School codes that CCCApply uses for the application?  Does CCCApply use CEEB codes?


  • severasevera Member
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    you can create an adhoc report and then when given the option of what database to use choose 'schools'. I think the primary index there is the cds code, which is a 14 digit number assigned by the CDE to CA schools (made up of county, district and school codes). For schools outside of CA, there are more general values for cds code used. The data dictionary explains that in more detail. The school table also contains CEEB codes, though not for all schools. Type = 1 should be how you select all high schools.
  • Merrie_WalesMerrie_Wales Moderator
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    As I showed you in your helpdesk ticket there are a number of Public School Reports, and as Mike shared above you can create reports that will target the High School specific data you want/need.
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