Application submitted, confirmation email not received

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I received reports that CCCApply is not sending out confirmation emails upon submitting an application.  I also tested it by submitting an application myself and did not receive a confirmation email.  Is this occurring system-wide?

Mirna Duarte,
District Admissions & Records
State Center Community College District


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    Peralta District's confirmation emails seem to be going out OK.  One point of confusion that happened when I first arrived was there may have been an assumption that CCCApply is automatically set up to do this. it is not. A rule and message have to be created by each college/district in your admin center.  If you've already done this, it might be a good place to double check and send some test emails.


    Clifton Coleman
    Admissions & Outreach Systems Technology Analyst
    Peralta Community College District

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    I looked at your Rules (Fresno, Clovis, and Reedley) and they appear to be correct.  I will submit an application and see if I receive an email.  I will let you know, and have asked the DevOps support to look at the mail logs to see if something is hung up there.
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