Title IX Survey - Enhancement request

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Currently we have applicants applying separately for the Spring and Fall 2018  semesters.   When we download the Title IX survey data, we have no way of knowing when the applicant plans to start attending.  We need to be able to filter out current high school students who will not be attending until Fall 2018 so we don't start contacting them for spring sports.  Can a field for Term Code be added?  Also, if CCCID were added to the download, it would be much easier for us to pull relevant application data.


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    Thank you very much for your suggestions, the process to request an enhancement is to document how you believe this enhancement would benefit all the California Community Colleges.  Be specific with the exact specifications for those enhancement requests and send it via email to the Product Manager, Patty Donohue.   
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    Thank you Merrie.  I will follow up with Patty.
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