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When we noticed a typo in a Term Description, we closed the term and tried to create a new one but we got an error message:

"The 'Term Code' provided is already used by another term. It must be unique"

Some of our programming is based on the Term Code.  Rather than to have to change our programming, is there a workaround to just editing the term description?

Mirna Duarte
SCCCD, District A&R Manager


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    Mirna, There is an issue, currently, for Colleges to edit their Term Descriptions. I have opened a help desk ticket, and you should receive an email from it shortly. We need to know what term is affected, and what the description should be . Please answer in your helpdesk ticket. If you have any questions please call me, 530.936.7410 . mkw
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    Hi Merrie,

    I replied with the information to the helpdesk ticket.  Thank you for your help!


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    Thank you. I have asked the engineers to edit the info. I will keep you updated in your Helpdesk ticket.
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