Student Success Suite Application Update in Pilot May 16, 2023

An update to the CCCApply Standard and CCPG 2023-2024 applications will be deployed into Pilot on May 16, 2023, starting at noon. There is no downtime expected for this pilot release. 

This minor release, CCCApply 6.13, includes the following enhancements:

  • New student parent question (AB2881) in CCCApply Standard and an updated
  • CCPG 2023-2024 application
  • Important!: Colleges must upgrade to SuperGlue Release 4.7 to receive the new student parent field data. The CCCApply 6.13 Release Notes referenced below include instructions on upgrading to SuperGlue 4.7.
  • Updated AB540 Nonresident Tuition Form on the post-submission standard application Special Links page (2023 version)
  • Change to the “exit” age on the foster youth question in the Special Residency section
  • The application confirmation page now displays college contact information to assist students
  • CCCApply SIS Receipt flag (sis_receipt) is now available for ad hoc reporting in the CCCApply Report Center.

For complete details on the features and fixes included in this release, go to the CCCApply 6.13 Release Notes. The release notes also include pilot testing access and instructions.

After a successful one-week pilot testing period, CCCApply 6.13 will be deployed into production with a target date of May 23, 2023, starting at noon. There is no expected downtime for the production release.


  • The Pilot release has been delayed for now we will update you here once we have confirmed the new Pilot release date.

    CCC Technology Center

  • Olivia_Alvarado
    edited May 17

    Hello CCCTC. Thank you for the update. Is the production release date still targeted for May 23?