Will the new sis_receipt field replace the Download Status on the actual pdf application?

We refer to this status when we find a student's application and export to pdf for the Full Application Report.



  • jbrady
    jbrady Member

    Will this field even be added to the Report Center? This could be useful in tracking an issue with some apps not downloading via Super Glue due to special characters we have been having.

  • The intent of the new [sis_receipt] field is to provide a similar function to indicate a successful delivery of an application to the staging table in a similar way that the [status] indicated that an application had been successfully retrieved by the Download client.

    Currently this field is only visible by connecting to the Data Warehouse data sources. But similar to the CCC Report Center, the Data Warehouse Report Server will allow you to create reports using JasperSoft in the same way. Access to the Data Warehouse is normally provided to IRPE research staff members and would require authorization from your IRPE Lead to establish an access account.

    Your use case is a good example of how this new field is intended to be utilized for.

  • Thank you; but, I want to know if it'll be available on the application that we obtain from the report center. Are there plans to include it at some point? I don't want to have to create a report for my staff to look up the value for one student each time we have an application that has not made it into our system. Under the previous version, like in my original screenshot, staff could easily identify the status without having to run a report; instead they would pull up the application and the status would be there.

  • It is my understanding now that the [sis_receipt] should become available within the Report Center following the release of CCC Apply v6.13 later this month.

  • Jane Linder
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    Morning Noelia and Jason,

    With the CCCApply 6.13 release targeted for this month, the sis_receipt field will be available in the CCCApply Report Center.

    Here's a link to the draft release notes: CCCApply 6.13 Release Notes (Draft)