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I have had many apps come in that have the Non US Postal Zip. The apps are coming in as non residents. Can you tell me what is happening? I am attaching two examples.

(Examples removed for containing PII)


  • jbrady
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    That zip is not a Non-US Postal Zip.

    The data dictionary say it's stored in the same field, and a "non_us_address" flag says if it's non-US or not.

    Could this be because the student checked the "Non-US Address" box or otherwise it was somehow checked? However, the fact that it lists it in both the US Zip and Non-US Zip fields for mailing is confusing, as it should just follow that flag. That flag is not listed separately on the "Full Application Report" in the Report Center.

    Permanent seems to have a different implementation, as there is no "non_us_address" flag. It is difficult to tell which it is without checking the actual value. That conflicts with why it would list the zip as only Non-US for permanent.

  • I have had many apps come in this way

  • jbrady
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    One question is what the actual fields look like. Clearly the Report Center is not displaying it correctly, at least not according to the Data Dictionary.

  • Jane Linder
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    Hi Josie,

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was at back-to-back conferences last week. Can you please open a staff support ticket for this? I'd like our support team to research this and try to reproduce it: [email protected]



  • opened a ticket