Any chance of increasing the 20,000 row limit in Report Center?

Hi. Apologies if this has already been discussed at length, but this new 20,000 row limit is extremely limiting to larger districts such as us.

Is there any chance of getting it back up to the 500,000 row limit from the prior server? or even to 200,000?



  • jbrady
    jbrady Member

    I'm just a fellow user and I don't know if there are any plans on fixing the row limit or why it was even added.

    However, I'm wondering what your use case is that you are running into this? We are a fairly large district ourselves, and I only run into this when trying to pull larger time frames. Say, larger than 2 weeks.

    In my case, I wanted to download all the apps from Report Center for spam analysis and the limit prevented me from pulling it all in one run. What I did was write a script to automatically pull it 2 weeks at a time and then combine them all together. It works, but it's definitely not the right way to do it.

  • ppanelli
    ppanelli Member
    edited April 27

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are conducting some app yield rates by term (as well as other app related studies) and want full term files from the source. We do understand that we can just run small timeframes and then union, but are definitely not trying to go down that route with 5 years of app data built up.

    Please increase the limit CCC.