Zero Downtime Student Account System Production Release on Monday

Jane Linder
Jane Linder Member, Moderator

The Student Success Suite team will deploy a minor release, OpenCCC 2.2.0, to Production on Monday, March 6, 2023, starting at noon. There is no downtime expected for this release.

This new release includes the following features:

  • New Chatbot for the Student Account System
  • Update for New 840 and 341 Area Codes

See the OpenCCC 2.2.0 Release Notes for details. Interested in testing the new chatbot included in this release? Check out the Pilot Test & User Feedback section of the release notes to learn how to access your college's pilot environment and provide feedback to the Student Success Suite team. We welcome your input!


  • The release scheduled for today, March 6th starting at Noon has been postponed. We will provide more updates once we have a new release date.