Brief Spam Filter Outage on Feb 3, 2023

Jane Linder
Jane Linder Member, Moderator

A brief outage of the CCCApply standard application’s spam filter from Friday evening, Feb 3, 2023, to early Saturday morning, Feb 4, 2023, caused student applications submitted during that time to be held in the spam filter with a null fraud score and fraud status of 3 (suspected fraud). 

All applications affected by this outage have been reprocessed by the spam filter, and any applications flagged as NOT fraudulent have been delivered to the colleges via SuperGlue or the Download Client.

The submitted applications table in CCCApply Report Center will be updated this evening (February 7, 2023) to apply the valid fraud score and fraud status to all applications affected by the outage. With this update to the submitted applications table, colleges can run reports on that data in CCCApply Report Center and view the fraud score via the CCCApply Admin spam filter utility.

Following additional analysis on this issue, we have found a secondary issue that continues to affect a small number of applications submitted, resulting in these applications having a null fraud score and fraud status = 3. We are researching the root cause and will continue to give updates on our progress on Any applications affected by this issue will continue to be identified, reprocessed through the spam filter, and released to colleges for processing.