Add the ability to disable Needs & Interest page on non-credit app only (Idea Request)

As the title states, please add the ability to remove the needs and interest page from the non-credit app only. As it is implemented , needs and interest is all or nothing. Removing the page would also remove it from the standard application.

Students completing the non-credit application are usually within a different student population and the questions are not applicable to them. In the interest of simplifying the application as much as possible for non-credit students, we would like the page removed without affecting the standard application.

A ticket was already opened for this request. This is just an idea so that it can be public and discussed.


  • Jane Linder
    Jane Linder Member, Moderator
    edited February 3

    Hi Joseph,

    This is a great idea and makes sense. I've added it to our enhancement requests for the CCCApply non-credit app. I'd like to hear from other staff on this and on any other areas that should be configured differently between the credit and noncredit apps.

    Have a great weekend!

    Jane Linder

    Product Manager, Student Success Suite

  • Thanks for asking about other configurability options.

    I'd like to add the ability to direct specific supplemental questions to standard, non-credit, or both.

  • Jane Linder
    Jane Linder Member, Moderator

    I have this same request from other colleges as well, Joseph. It helps to bump up the priority/urgency when we get a group of colleges asking for the same thing. :-)