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I have had an influx of applications come through with the same IP address but some of these apps are good or previous students. Please look at the attachment and advise on what I should do.


  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Member, Moderator

    Hello Josie,

    Those are legit. The IP is from Imperva, a security feature, DevOps say " X-Forward-For is not enabled on the new LB and therefore we are seeing Imperva’s IP Addresses" There is a Jira for this. All is well.

  • Hi @Jason Smith : All is not well this error is hampering our local attempts to get ahead of the fraud. Can you kindly direct us to the resolution for this issue? Not sure why an admissions application completed on our campus with our computers would generate a San Jose-based IP address. It's been quite disruptive. Thanks for starting this conversation @Josie_Cabanas !

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Member, Moderator

    Hello @Jonah_Lopez,

    There is a team that is working on this and it is a priority. A fix is in QA at the moment. A solution and return to normal operation is expected soon.

  • Jason

    Please keep us posted on the updates to this issue.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Member, Moderator

    Good news. The applicants IP addresses are now being recorded on student applications. The Imperva IP addresses are not. Unfortunately there is no way to recover any IP address that were not recorded. Please let us know if you experience anything odd.

  • Jespinoza143
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    Thank you! The IP addresses are good now. :)

  • The issue was resolved as of yesterdays production release.