East LA College Students Unable to Apply

Hello CCCTC,

East LA College is having an enrollment event at Homeboy Industries. Earlier today staff reported having difficulty helping students logon to CCCApply. Is the CCCApply standard application experiencing any problems? The enrollment event continues tomorrow and staff is hoping to not experience this incident again.

See description of incident below:

From: Ochoa, Vanessa J <[email protected]>

Sent: Friday, August 19, 2022 2:22 PM

To: Fallert, Danelle <[email protected]>

Cc: Duenas, Miguel A <[email protected]>; Palomino, Paulina P <[email protected]>; Lopez, Maria S <[email protected]>; Hernandez, Graciela <[email protected]>; Roman, Alberto J <[email protected]>; Alvarado, Olivia <[email protected]>

Subject: Re: CCCApply Issues

Hi All

A staff member was supporting students 

At homeboy industries and attempted to help

Students create a new account via his work 

Laptop and was not successful.

Last I spoke to him, he was supporting students to create 

Accounts using their cell phones and the system was glitching and they could not get into ccc apply website.

Thank you 


Vanessa Ochoa, PH.D. 


East Los Angeles College 

Dean in Student Services