Student Success Suite Hotfix Production Release Delayed

The Student Success Suite(SSS) hotfix scheduled for production deployment on Monday has been delayed to allow more time for regression testing in pilot. A new target date will be announced in this forum next week. There is no expected downtime for this production release. 

This hotfix is for the following SSS products:

  • OpenCCC Student Account System
  • CCCApply Student Application System

This hotfix release includes the following:

  • Student Account System update to support pairing a student EPPN with their CCCID when an EPPN is missing from the student’s profile
  • Student Account System update to support the creation or recovery of a student CCCID when a student logs into a third party system without an associated CCCID
  • CCCApply update to add San Diego College of Continuing Education


  • Hi all,

    We are scheduled to release this hotfix today 7/27 at 5 PM PST.

  • FYI - We are going to further delay OpenCCC 2.1.3 and CCCApply 6.10.2.Our redeploy of CCCApply 6.10.2 to PILOT is now targeted for Friday 7/29 at noon.

    Our deployment to PRODUCTION of both releases is now targeted for Tuesday 8/2 at noon.

    Thank you,

    CCC Technology Center