Reminder! MyPath Student Onboarding System Hotfix in Production Tomorrow

Jane Linder
Jane Linder Member, Moderator

A Student Success Suite(SSS) Production hotfix is targeted for tomorrow, June 7, 2022, starting at approximately 1 pm. No downtime is expected for this pilot release. This hotfix will update the following SSS products:

  • CCC MyPath Student Onboarding System

The hotfix release addresses the following issues:

  • The anti-virus document-scanning system used by CCC MyPath to ensure that student onboarding documents uploaded to Amazon WorkDocs are virus-free was preventing new students from successfully uploading their documents. 

A new anti-virus system has been integrated with CCC MyPath. Any documents scanned and uploaded by students prior to this hotfix release have been stored and will be available for processing once this fix is deployed to Production.