Reminder!! Zero Downtime Student Success Suite Production Release Today

Jane Linder
Jane Linder Member, Moderator

A Student Success Suite(SSS) Minor Release Pilot release is targeted for today, Friday, April 22, 2022, starting at approximately 5 pm. There is no downtime expected for this release.

This minor release will update the following SSS products:

  • OpenCCC Student Account System
  • CCCApply Student Applications
  • CCC MyPath

The SSS minor release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

OpenCCC Student Account System

Update to email/phone validation workflows

Long delay in delivery of account verification code

  • Some students report a long delay in receiving their account verification code. This has been fixed.

CCCApply Student Application System

Students confused by the display of different college's cached banner logo

  • Students who apply to multiple colleges report confusion when the banner for the first college they apply to remains even when they click “Apply” from a different college’s website.  This has been fixed.

New “agent_email” field added to the International Application Domain in CCCApply Report Center

CCC MyPath Student Onboarding System

MyPath Card with rule not displayed to test students in Pilot for Oxnard College MIS 682. This has been fixed.