My Account Creation and Phone Data, Super / Project Glue

Hello, I notice with the new account creation, there is a phone field and the phone type is Mobile or Landline. We would like to read the data and import phone depending on what type it is. However, we can't find the mobile or landline data in our project glue data. Also, previously both mainphone and secondaryphone were populated but it look like just mainphone is populated now. Is this accurate?

My questions are:

  1. Where does the My OpenCCC Account phone number get stored (looks like main phone)?
  2. Is this the same phone number that comes over in the application?
  3. How can we distinguish mobile vs landline type?
  4. Is the secondary phone field still being used?


  • Hi Joseph,

    1. Yes, the phone number is stored in the data element: mainphone
    2. Yes. The phone number is autofilled in the application from OpenCCC.
    3. According to the data dictionary, Phone Type is not available for download, SuperGlue or in the Report Center. This would be a change that requires an enhancement request. If you'd like to push this forward, would you please provide a brief writeup on the need and benefits of this for the community colleges as a whole as well as your individual need. I'll then pass it along to my product managers.
    4. No, the secondary phone has been deprecated.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Kasey,

    Sorry for taking a while to get back to you. Thank you for that info. We are struggling to identify phone numbers as landlines or cell phones from the application data. One way we tried to tackle this is if Auth Text = "Y" we would count that as a cell/mobile phone. However, we just discovered that the Auth Text field is not coming over into our SuperGlue table.

    Knowing if a phone is a cell is useful during campus emergencies when we send out text alerts.

    If possible, we would like to know if the mainphone is listed as landline or mobile, as well as having the auth text field be fixed/delivered to our table.

    Are these possible?