How to Setup Terms for Noncredit Application


I see that in the CCC Admin center we are now able to apply to Credit/Noncredit/both applications. I'm having an issue with creating the same term as our Credit counterpart but with extended close dates for the Noncredit side. It's asking for a unique term code even though I'm setting up the term and values for the noncredit application. If we have to create a unique term in the CCC Admin center just to return the same term in Banner then we'll have to modify the CCCApply code to accept the new term setup. Is it possible to remove the unique code restriction unless two identical terms codes are setup for the same application type (Credit or Noncredit)?

Thank you,

Jaspal Singh


  • Monica_M
    Monica_M Member, Moderator

    Hello Jaspal,

    I would like to check in and ask if you have been assisted with your request for the term set up in our noncredit application?

  • Hi Monica,

    Thank you for following up with me. I haven't received any information regarding my request.

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