Student Success Suite 1.0 Issues Update: High-Severity Issues Addressed

Jane Linder
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As of today, the high-severity issues that impacted colleges’ ability to process applications or students’ ability to successfully submit applications have been addressed by hotfixes or updates to the Student Success Suite infrastructure. 

On Monday, February 14, 2022, an update to the OpenCCC2.0 Student Account Database fixed a number of issues related to missing data in some students’ permanent address data, including the following:

  • Students Encountering Intermittent Issues Submitting an Application
  • Missing Student Address Data Affecting Some Student Residency Flags

A final update to the OpenCCC2.0 Student Account Database is planned for today, Tuesday, February 15, 2022, starting at approximately 5 pm.

Issues Fixed from 2/7/2022 to 2/12/2022:

  • SSNERROR displaying for SSN in CCCApply Download Client Files: FIXED!
  • CCCApply Production Report Center Not Available: FIXED!
  • Intermittent Issues Creating a Student Account: FIXED!

Below is a list of other important issues reported by students and colleges with an update on the status of each. These are prioritized by the number of students or colleges affected. Issues that require a code change to fix will be slated for a hotfix as soon as possible. 

CCPG Middle Name field missing in Download Client application data: In Progress

  • Fix Status: Fix in Progress
  • Note: Student Middle Name has been captured for students who entered one and can be delivered via the Download Client when the fix has been deployed.
  • Impacts: Colleges are hindered in their ability to process student CCPG applications

Student Accounts with Period in Email Address Unable to Reset Password

  • Fix Status: Fix in Progress
  • Recommended Workaround: Students are able to contact the Student Helpdesk and get their account password reset by our Tier 2 support team.
  • Impacts: Students encountering this issue are unable to reset their password using the student account system’s automated self-recovery process

Intermittent DOB format Error When Creating a Student Account

  • Fix Status: Fix in Progress
  • Recommended Workaround: Use the Calendar to select Date of Birth rather than entering it manually
  • Impacts: Students encountering this issue are having difficulty creating a new student account

Lower Severity Issues

Lower severity issues affecting fewer colleges or with workarounds in place are also being researched, addressed, and prioritized for a future release.

To report any additional issues please contact the staff support helpdesk: [email protected]

Our 24/7 student support team is addressing all student calls and emails as quickly as possible. Staff support is also responding as quickly as possible to all reported issues and to college staff inquiries.


  • I'm not seeing anything about the missing SSN in the CCPG download data, or the fact that the last 4 digits are not visible in the report center. Is that something that's on the schedule to fix?

  • Jane Linder
    Jane Linder Member, Moderator

    Hi Dave,

    The SSN change on the CCPG issue is because SSN is not delivered with the CCPG app data. I double-checked this to be sure because it seemed strange, but there is no request for SSN on the CCPG app.

    I'll confirm about the last 4 digits in the report center. I believe that is fixed.

  • Before the upgrade, the full SSN was included in the CCPG downloaded data and the last 4 digits were visible in the "SSN Last 4" field in the report center when viewing a CCPG app. Are you saying they intentionally removed the SSN question from the CCPG application, but left the field in the report center?

  • Jane Linder
    Jane Linder Member, Moderator

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for this info, I checked through the pdfs of the CCPG apps that we receive from the Chancellor's office. We use these to guide our development for the CCPG online version, and I didn't see a field for the SSN. I'll research the tables and get back to you.

  • Hello,

    Bakersfield College here, we are still encountering issues when students create an account. We've handful of students over the last week or so have this issue, along with a large group today during a workshop.

    When they go into create a CCCApply account and input student email to wait for the code, once the code is inputted they are asked for student information and they create password and submit, the system takes them back to the top and they receive an error that information is incorrect. Please advise.

  • I checked today. last 4 for SSN's are appearing in the Report Center, but not for applications during the period of the issue. Will those ever be added back? or are they going to be left that way?

    We don't need them, as we redownloaded them with the download client, but I just want confirmation of if it will be addressed or not.

  • Jane Linder
    Jane Linder Member, Moderator

    Hi Jason,

    Yes, we do have a ticket in place to ensure the last 4 digits will be updated for students who applied during the time when the Report Center display SSN (last 4 digits) field was not displaying the SSN data. The data is captured, but our primary priority was to "stop the bleeding" and get this data displayed going forward. Now that we have that done we will prioritize the backlog fix.

    Best regards,


  • Jane Linder
    Jane Linder Member, Moderator

    Hi Ashlea, we are actively researching this for a root cause. One thing we have observed in our own testing is that it may be a bug in the user interface based on how the student enters their phone number and if they use parentheses. For example, (916) 111-1234, using parentheses for the area code. As a workaround, recommend that students enter just the raw numbers for their phone number, for example, 9161111234. We don't know that this is the full explanation for this error, but we hope to have a hotfix release to address the issue soon.