SSNERROR Fix Production Deployment Starting Approximately 5:30pm Today

Jane Linder
Jane Linder Member, Moderator
edited February 2022 in CCCApply

The SSNERROR hotfix release, CCCApply 6.9.1, will be pushed to production on Friday, February 11th starting at 5:30 pm.

  • Important Notes:
  • When this fix is in Production, colleges will need to use the CCCApply Administrator Reset Download utility to reset and re-download applications without an SSN. Documentation on the CCCApply Administrator Reset Download Utility can be found in the CCCApply Administrator User Guide/Reset Download section in the CCCApply Public Documentation website.
  • The following additional SSN information fields will not be available for students who submitted an application before the CCCApply 6.9.1 hotfix release was deployed: ssnNo, ssnException, and ssnType. These fields have been corrected and will display on all applications submitted after the CCCApply 6.9.1 hotfix was deployed.