Library Services Platform Subscription Reimbursement FAQs

Michael_Rajkumar Moderator
edited February 2022 in Library Services Platform

Here are some frequently asked questions, and answers for the same, about the Library Services Platform Subscription Reimbursement process.

Question: How can CCCTC pay an invoice on behalf of my college? 

Answer: At this time we cannot pay on your behalf, the college has to pay the bill and submit a claim for reimbursement and we will reimburse you.

Question: What is the Chancellors Office policy on reimbursement?

Answer: Please visit and look at the Chancellor’s Office Policy Memo DII 21-200-05 that is linked on the right side of the page.

Question: If I have already sent my invoice to the Chancellors Office, must I resubmit it here?

Answer: Yes, please submit through this process.

Question: How will we receive the payment?

Answer: A check will be mailed directly to your college, to the address on record for your college. We do not have the ability to send payments electronically.

Question: "How long does it take to process my request?

Answer: Processing of the payment will take up to 60 days, but may be faster depending on a number of factors.