Is SPAM Filter down?

I am unable to view any applications (via confirmation number) in the SPAM filter after the system upgrade on 1/28/2022. When entering conformation number to check against the SPAM filter, no results are found (see screenshot). I can use the report center to view and confirm that the application was valid and submitted but the SPAM filter does not display for actionable items (mark as spam or not spam).


  • Hi Craig,

    Because we don't put student information in this open forum, I have created a zendesk ticket for this issue, and removed your posting from this open forum.

  • Jane Linder
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    Hi Craig, we have captured this issue and will have one of our developers research it asap. Thanks for reporting this!

  • Hi Jane,

    Is there any progress with this issue? This is preventing our college from releasing suspected fraud applications. Is this happening with all colleges using the CCCApply application?

    Thank you!

  • It was reported to me this morning. I can confirm the same problem for the three colleges of KernCCD.

    Thank you

  • Also seeing this issue at Sierra College.

  • LACCD colleges are seeing this issue too.

  • Jane Linder
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    Greetings All,

    This issue seems to be a direct result of the SSN encryption issue that is causing trouble downloading applications via the Download client. Resolving the SSN issue and getting both the Download Client and the spam filter operational again is the Student Success Suite development team's top priority.

    We'll post another update later today as we progress towards a fix.

  • Jane Linder
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    Hi All,

    Happy to report that the spam filter issue is Fixed! Here's an update on the issues we are working on or have resolved:

    Below is a list of the Severity 1 issues reported by colleges with an update on the status of each one. These are the highest-priority issues affecting the largest number of colleges and those that require a code change to fix will be slated for a hotfix as soon as possible. 

    Spam Filter Utility in CCCApply Not Showing Some Applications–FIXED!

    • Fix Status: Fixed–Database updates completed on February 3, 2022 have fixed this issue. Colleges should now be able to use the CCCApply Administrator’s spam filter utility to search for and find their previously missing student applications.

    Students unable to view apps submitted prior to the SSS 1.0 release

    • Fix Status: Fix in progress. 
    • Impacts: Students are unable to view any applications they submitted prior to the SSS 1.0 release. College staff can still view all submitted applications via the CCCApply Report Center.

    The Issues below impact Download Client application delivery only:

    SSN missing on student applications, "SSNERROR" displaying in SSN field

    • Fix Status: This is the highest priority for the Student Success Suite development team, and a fix is in progress. The SSN number has been captured for students who entered one and can be delivered via the Download Client once the fix is deployed.
    • Impacts: 
    • This issue affects only colleges using the CCCApply Download Client.
    • The “SSNERROR” value in the SSN field has interrupted the SIS/ERP import process for many student application records.
    • Recommended workarounds: 
    • Update the SIS/ERP import processes to ignore the SSN field for now. The SSN number has been captured for students who entered one. Once this issue is fixed the student’s SSN can be delivered via the Download Client.
    • Colleges that have a production implementation of SuperGlue running in parallel with their Download Client can obtain the SSN number from the SuperGlue staging tables.
    • The SSN is also available in the submitted application data stored in the CCCApply Report Center
    • Important Note:
    • Although the SSN has been captured and can be delivered once this issue is resolved, the following additional SSN information fields have been set incorrectly and will not be able to be recovered: ssnNo, ssnException, and ssnType.

    CCPG SSN and Middle Name fields missing in Download Client application data

    • Fix Status: Research indicates this issue may have the same root cause as the SSN error issue and may be addressed with the same fix. This issue will be re-evaluated once the SSN issue is fixed. 
    • Note: SSN Number has been captured for students who entered one and can be delivered via the Download Client when the fix has been deployed.
    • Impacts: 
    • Colleges are hindered in their ability to process student CCPG applications 

    Lower Severity Issues

    Lower severity issues affecting fewer colleges or with workarounds in place are also being researched and addressed; however, these issues may not be included in the first post-release hotfix, which will be focused on addressing the Severity 1 issues listed above.

    To report any additional issues please contact the staff support helpdesk:

    [email protected]

    Student and staff helpdesk volume has increased due to the new student account system rollout. Our 24/7 student support team is addressing all student calls and emails as quickly as possible. Staff support is also responding as quickly as possible to all reported issues and to college staff inquiries.

  • Hi Any update on the "SSN missing on student applications, "SSNERROR" displaying in SSN field" issue.

    We're now a week in to the issue and the options to work around aren't acceptable for our college/district.

    Thank you for any update you can provide on this.

    Craig Connor - Saddleback College (SOCCCD)