Spam Applications Report for Applications Submitted August 27 to August 31, 2021

Jane Linder
Jane Linder Member, Moderator
edited September 1 in CCCTC System Alerts

Application data delivered to colleges from August 27th to August 31st have now been evaluated by the spam filter and assigned a spam score. The California Community Colleges Technology Center (CCCTC) is able to provide colleges with a list of all applications flagged as potential spam. 

Colleges interested in receiving their list of suspected spam applications can contact the CCCTC support team with their request: [email protected]

If colleges determine that any applications in the suspected fraud list are NOT fraudulent, they are now able to access these applications and mark them as valid in the CCCApply Administrator spam filter utility. It is important to mark these applications as valid so that the students associated with them are not hindered in any future applications to the CCC system. Please note: Any applications on the suspected fraud list will be auto-confirmed as fraud if not marked as valid within 14 days of the application submission date.

College staff can also submit back to the support team a bulk list of the applications they determine are fraud. The support team will ensure these applications are marked correctly as confirmed fraud in the spam filter.