Proxy Connection Error on CCCApply Applications

An error is generated when applicants are directed to the CCCApply Standard, Noncredit, or International application from the college's CCCApply landing page. I was able to replicate this error for 6 Los Angeles Community College District campuses and one non-LACCD college (College of the Canyons).


  • It's not working for me either Sacramento City College standard CCC Apply. Please let me know when you fix it

  • We are aware of this issue as our DNS vendor had some global issues (expired RRSIG), and it will take a full 48-hours for the resolvers for the DNS to be completely updated. This issue is intermittent and the majority of our users are getting through to OpenCCC, CCCApply, and MyPath. 

    In the meantime, if you could please inform the students that they should clear their cache & history and use Googles' Chrome browser and attempt to log in again. If they still are not successful, please request the students to send us a screenshot of the error message to our HelpDesk. 

    California Community Colleges Help Desk


    [email protected]"

  • Thank you for the update Merrie.

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    On our network at San Francisco Unified District, we are now experiencing the same error where the registration server is falsely detecting a proxy connection.

    Hi Olivia, has the issue been resolved for you?

    OpenCCC, can you contact your DNS vendor to help us with this issue?