CCC Data 2.0 Release Overview

The scope of the CCC Data 2.0 release, January 15 2021, is to support Researchers at CCC’s ability to connect directly to the CCC (Redshift) Data Warehouse, as an alternative to the Data Warehouse Report Server. This supports colleges (and district offices) that prefer to use their own analytic/BI tools.  

For colleges (or districts) with a local data warehouse, the CCC Data Warehouse is not to be used as a staging ground for data distribution to your local data warehouse; this usage will not be permitted as it places an undue load and cost to the CCC Data infrastructure. Data from the CCC Data Warehouse may be connected to your local data warehouse by setting up these data as external tables within your local data warehouse.

The direct connection supports access to the following data sources with this release:

  • CCCApply: Application (Credit and Non-Credit App)
  • CCCApply: International Application
  • CCCApply: College Promise
  • CCCApply: LGBTQ data
  • Multiple Measures Placement Service (MMPS)

Data dictionaries for the above are available at the CCC Data Warehouse documentation site

Available data sources will be added to the CCC Data Warehouse (and CCC Data Warehouse Report Server) in subsequent releases, with MyPath, COCI, C-ID and Canvas expected to be added in the CCC Data 2.1 and 2.2 releases in Q3 2020/21.