CCC Data Warehouse Overview

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CCC Data Warehouse is developed by the CCC Technology Center in coordination with and at the direction of the CCC Chancellor's Office as a part of the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Data Services Program initiative.

The CCC Data Warehouse provides the necessary infrastructure to the California Community College System to aggregate data across disparate systems to an enterprise data warehouse. 

Secure access to the data is provided to institutional researchers, college and district administrators, and other decision makers across the California Community Colleges, district offices, and the Chancellor’s Office, where these critical data may be used to support instructional and institutional decision-making aligned with the Chancellor's Vision for Success

The CCC Data Warehouse may be accessed through:

  1. The CCC Data Warehouse (Jaspersoft) Report Server, or
  2. Direct (ODBC/JDBC) connection which enables Researchers to use their preferred BI or analytic tool to query the CCC Data Warehouse.

To learn more or request access, contact your colleges College Relationship Manager (CRM).

CCC Data Overview