How to file a COCI support ticket.

FAQ Moderator

Support is initiated by sending an email to [email protected] Your email is processed and added to the COCI support queue, which generally operates on a first in first out basis. 

Ideally, that initial email will contain as much of the following information as is possible to share:

  • Date of the issue, your user info (name and role) and College. 
  • Can it be reproduced? (Is this a single, specific and isolated issue or something all impacting more than a single submission or review?
  • What O/S or Browser was being used? (Mac, PC, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc)
  • What screen was user in when error occurred? (Links to the page where you experienced the issue are very very helpful!)
  • What were you trying  to do?
  • What specific data was entered? (details of filters, etc)
  • What steps did they take? (for example: User entered data, clicked save, attached documents, clicked save, clicked submit, which produced the error message)
  • Details on what you were expecting to have happen instead of the issue
  • Any images or screenshots that would help get started. 


  • Is there a website that lists all of your open COCI support tickets?