Noncredit App Pilot App Link Signing Into Credit App

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The pilot noncredit application returns users to the pilot credit application somehow if the user lets the application idle and gets timed out. As of now if a person gets signed out and then signs back in by hitting the return button they may inadvertently fill out the pilot credit application. The only way back to the noncredit application is to go back to the noncredit URL link and then reopen the noncredit app link.

I had this problem with multiple staff members who were viewing the application in a training while I was going over the new application. Some staff filled out the application, which was showing credit programs of study. Could you help me understand why this could be happening.

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    We heard from applicants who started the non-credit application but ultimately submitted a credit application and I wasn't sure how that might happen. I hadn't seen it myself, but a timeout and refresh like what you're describing could definitely have also been the source of the issue that our applicants were running into. 
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