Some applicants from China state they are unable to create OpenCCC account.

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We recently implemented the CCCApply International Application. When creating an OpenCCC account, some applicants from China have shown screenshots where they get all the way to the last page but the Submission (complete) button cannot be seen.

Also, the ReCAPTCHA does not show up for them. (My guess is perhaps because it is a Google service?) Has any other schools heard of applicants abroad who are unable to create an account and do you have a workaround/troubleshooting method?

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    On the first issue, are they using a Chome browser to submit their applications?  I know that OpenCCC (on some devices) had an issue that was resolved with the last Release where the submit button didn't show.  Has this been since Oct 18th?

    You are correct that China does not let Google ReCAPTCHA work.  Our expectation is to release the redesigned OpenCCC in the beginning of the 20/21 fiscal year.  Hopefully some of your colleagues will respond regarding how their college is dealing with this issue.