Should images in a flyer include alt text or can I set them as decorative

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Background Information:

I was tasked with creating accessible flyer templates using Microsoft Word. However, though I was able to create some templates, the fact that the images have to be inline with the text, really limits the aesthetic potential of the flyer. 

I found a way around it by setting the image "behind text" and marking it as decorative. This overrides the "Inline with text" requirement and allows the flyer to "pass" the Accessibility Checker in Word.


Can I mark the image as decorative if it does not add anything to the content other than visual appeal?

Does anyone have a suggestion of a better way to do this? 


  • Sheryl
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    Hi Juan

    Images that are used for presentation only should be marked with a null alt text (decorative). More information on this can be found on the Images Factsheet on the AccessibilityOz website.