The CCCAPPLY report server is exceptionally slow today. Any reason?

The CCCAPPLY report server is exceptionally slow today. By the time it finds and downloads an application, I've been kicked off.


  • Josie_Cabanas
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    same at Allan Hancock College
  • Josie_Cabanas
    Josie_Cabanas Member
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    Same at Allan Hancock College.  It is taking longer to load than it keeps me logged in.
  • Michael_Harlow
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    Same is happening at College of the Desert but we are not even able to get into the Report Center. It is just spinning and loading until it times out.
  • MCC_EL
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    Same experience at MiraCosta.  Every link clicked takes 1-5 min to load.  It takes about 15 minutes to login and look up an individual application.  Tried various browsers.
  • Florante_Roa
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    FYI:  College of the Desert is experiencing the same slowness today....
  • Angelica_Contreras
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    Same at Santa Barbara City College.
  • Kyle_Mack
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Report Center Down.

    Report Center seems to be COMPLETELY down today.  Here are some of the errors we receive when trying to log in.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Your screen shot didn't show.  Is this still happening?  I was just able to log into the Report Center.
  • John_H
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    Over the past several weeks, users of the CCC Technology Center’s CCC Report Center have reported multiple instances of performance issues and outages.  

    First and foremost, we apologize for the downgraded user experience.  We understand how frustrating barriers to your work can be. 

     Secondly, we want to ensure that you are aware of the short and long-term steps that we are taking to address the underlying issues. 

    The short term solution has been to restart the Report Center servers.  The restart process clears out any long-running database queries, which appear to be the root cause of several of the instances of downgraded performance. 

    Following today’s outage, the Tech Center Support staff and Developers will be taking several steps to significantly reduce the frequency of performance issues, and increase the reliability of the Report Center user experience.  

    1.  Index all fields that can be used for report generation 

    2. Enable controls to limit the ability to generate ad-hoc reports that rely on long-running queries against unindexed fields. 

    3. Conduct a Database Administrator’s review of all pre-generated reports insure existing reports are optimized.

    Steps to prevent running bad queries

    There are several precautions that you, as a Report Center user, can take to prevent bad queries.

    1. Avoid overly complex searches that require joining multiple tables and/or views

    2. Rather than using your browser’s “Back” button to navigate within Report Center, using the native navigation tools inside of Report Center (using the browser’s back button can inadvertently re-submit a duplicate query).

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the disruptions in service, and we greatly appreciate your patience while we continue our efforts to improve your experience with Report Center. 

    John Hadad

    Product Manager - CCCTC Report Center

    [email protected]