How to tell if a Flash interactive animation is accessible?

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An instructor is using a variety of interactive Flash animations to illustrate concepts.  They did not create the content, but would like to know if they are accessible and can be used in an online course.  Is there a recommended method for checking Flash (.swf) files for accessibility?  


  • Sheryl
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    Hi Chris 

    There isn't a good, straightforward way to test Flash content. You can use the Object Inspector from Microsoft (available as part of the SDK for whichever version of Windows you are running) to see if there are any accessibility properties set in the Flash object but that is not a complete answer.

    In general it is very rare for Flash developers to include accessibility properties, let alone make any effort to ensure that their content is accessible. Our recommendation is to include a written alternative to impart the same information as the Flash does.

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  • Chris_P.
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    As I suspected.  Thanks very much for the confirmation, and suggestion!  We will also be looking for accessible HTML 5 versions of similar simulations.