exceptions to accessibility requirements?

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Are accessibility requirements changed if students taking the course can't have the related disability?

For example, good vision is required as part of a physical exam, for entry to our nursing program. Are accommodations for blind students required, even though they can't take these courses?  Specifically, is alt text on images required in this situation?  Thanks.


  • Sheryl
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    Hi Steve

    There are not exclusions to the WCAG2 guidelines to meet A/AA. There are multiple reasons why the guidelines are in place and often do not apply to a single disability. For instance, all images require alt text not just for users who are vision impaired but also for users who prefer to view the information with images off due to distractions with images, etc. 

    I'm happy to discuss with you in more detail. Feel free to reach out to me directly.

    Kind regards
  • Steve_Bruemmer
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    Thank you!