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I am faculty, and I was hoping to gather additional accessibility strategies to using Twitter with my students. What are some guidelines would you recommend for creating an accessible Twitter post? I already understand how to add alt-text to images. What else should be considered?


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    Hi Michelle

    Great question! I will be presenting on this topic for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals on Thursday 18 April from 11am to 12.30pm EST. I have presented on this topic before, and you can listen to the presentation or download the PowerPoint

    The shorter answer is:
    1. Provide contact details: Make your contact informationavailable on your social media account page. List a primary phone number andemail address where a user can reach your agency with questions, or provide alink to your agency website that lists the appropriate contact information
    2. Repeat content: Make your social media contentavailable through your web site. Provide options for daily digests. Provide easy points of entry formore information. Post your social media to multipleoutlets.
    3. Provide alternative apps: Provide contact details to socialmedia support /accessibility teams within your organisation. Provide links to the social mediaaccessibility tips and support. Provide links to alternative appsand web sites that create an accessible interface for social media
    4. Provide accessible content: Use camel case (eg. #CaliforniaCommunityColleges). Avoid abbreviations. Limit hashtags and add them only tothe end. Avoid miss-spellings. Add transcripts, captions or audiodescriptions. Add alternative text where possible.
    5. Test: If you receive complaints about social media pass them on to us, or the social media outlets themselves.
    For Twitter, specific techniques are:
    • Use the alternative textdescription
    • Use camel case, for example #FederalAccessibilityForum
    • Accessibility Tips on Twitter:
    • Recommendalternative methods to the desktop interface, such as: EasyChirp, Twitterific (mobile app)
    • Add captions to videos
    Specific techniques for Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are also included in the PowerPoint.