Do we need "click" feedback for buttons on an Extron control panel?

Betsy_Allen Member
We are in the process of revising our control panel screens for an Extron device in our broadcast ed classrooms. Our faculty who use this classroom would like us to disable the "clicking" sound that happens when someone touches a button on the screen because the sound echoes through the system and causes disruption. Is there an accessibility requirement that precludes us from disabling the sound, or is it ok to disable the sound? Thank you for your assistance!


  • Gian
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    edited November 2018
    This may be a better question for Sean Keegan, but I presume that if someone with a vision impairment was using the system that there would be appropriate feedback methods built into the system that would mean that this clicking sound was not essential. Is the Extron system web-based? If so, could you share the code of the system? If it is not web-based, is there a current user reliant on a screen reader that could test it for you?