When would be a good example to require Skip Navigation link.

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When it comes to “Skip Navigation” links, would you say all websites and web applications are required to have it? I understand that the WCAG standard requires a way to bypass repetitive contents on a web page to reach the main content, but I am dealing with publisher applications. I can see the need for it in some publisher’s application I have reviewed, but there are other that I’ve encountered that makes me question whether it’s necessary or not. Please have a look at the three attached images. All images are screenshot of the beginning of the page or assignment question.

In the image below, there could be a need for a skip link, but to tab from the beginning to the listed assignment questions wouldn’t be difficult.


In the image below The page has minimal links and tab navigation starts at the radio buttons and starts there for all assignments. Would something like this require the skip nav?


In the last image Again, tab navigation begins at the radio buttons and from there you can navigate backwards into the separate blue column or forward. The questions can contain minimal contents such as in image 002 and 003 while other questions could have more contents and I can see there being a need for a skip link.


It would be great to know when to determine a skip navigation would be required or optional.

Thank you!


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    Hi Paul

    Skip links are meant to skip over repetitive blocks of content - and you are correct, none of the examples you provided contains repetitive blocks of content. You do not need skip links for these pages.