Project management planning tools for LSP? Already created?

Will the Vanguard colleges or CCCTech be putting together any kind of suggested implementation project ma management tool/timeline that can be used by other libraries? I'm thinking that with many small college or colleges who will have to incorporate the implementation work within regular duties, an outline of the migration/implementation process and timeline if one has already been created or if any would be a huge time saver for librarians.


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    Hi Elizabeth. The vendor currently uses Basecamp, but we're working on providing documentation requirements/timelines in Confluence as well. We're definitely leaning on the Vanguards for their input as to their experience. 
  • Donna_Reed
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    Elizabeth,  Most of the Vanguards are creating some documentation that will also be very useful for libraries coming over from the same system.  Pasadena for example is documenting everything it is doing in the WMS world.  You will be able to stand on their shoulders.