Integration with Ebsco?

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  • EBSCO will not sell their index to ProQuest, correct? Therefore, Alma/Primo users have to do a workaround to include Ebsco content in Primo, and it is not ideal. Will this affect the consortium's subscriptions to EBSCO resources? Will the consortium be working to address this conflict?


  • Amy
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    EBSCO and Ex Libris have been engaged in active conversations and have proposed an approach forward with the purpose of supporting their mutual customers. The intent is to support library choice in three key areas.  At a high level, the proposal aims to:
    • Ensure that a given library’s choice of discovery service has applicable bibliographic records to enable and optimize linking to 100% of the corresponding full text in their choice of databases.
    • Ensure that a given library’s choice of ILS/LSP integrates with their choice of discovery service to create the most seamless possible user experience.
    • Ensure that a given library’s choice of ordering/acquisition tools (for print books & e-books and print magazines/journals & e-journals/e-packages) integrates with their choice of ILS/LSP and discovery service to optimize workflows for librarians.
    The systemwide electronic database contract with EBSCO will not be affected by the LSP project. 
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    Perhaps worth clarifying that the above is EBSCO's position -- no agreement between the two companies has been announced. See . Of course, we can hope that Proquest/Ex Libris will be receptive to it, and I also wonder whether we should push for a response.