Tight timeline

Becka_Cooling Member
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  • The implementation schedule feels tight. If our library feels like we need more time before we “go-live”, could we have an extension on the timeline?


  • Doug_Achterman
    edited November 2018
    The vanguard groups are operating on a compressed schedule, but when we begin the process statewide, we'll actually be on a more leisurely timetable than most institutions take. The normal time is about 4 months, and we'll take 11 or 12 months to implement. Here is a rough schedule:

    Late January 2019: Implementation Kick-off

    March-April 2019:Test loads delivered, Sandboxes available

    April –October 2019: Data review and integrations

    October 2019: Provision local SFTP servers for test loads, Authentication forms complete,
    3rd party integrations completed

    November 2019: Product experts certified

    December 2019-January 2020: Product Go-Live

    January – February 2020: Configuration refinements/review

    March 2020:  Switch to standard support

    The Go-Live dates will begin in December and will be staggered to accommodate individual colleges' schedules. I'm sure the goal will be to go live with all colleges by end of January 2020, but be sure to communicate with Ex Libris about your own needs.