Bad applications being downloaded

SusanSusan Member
edited January 2019 in CCCApply

We are receiving bad information on our application
downloads.  We are not sure if the problem is an attack or the application was not translated correctly.  Has anybody else experienced this problem?


  • Shawn_PullumShawn_Pullum Member
    edited August 2018
    It looks like the person entered their name and other information in Chinese and the system accepted it as written. Did your system bring in the Chinese characters in directly, or did they get replaced with non-language characters, or did it just error out? We use Colleague at Hartnell and I'm not sure what would happen if we received non-Latin characters.

    Does CCCApply have a way to request information in English/alternate fields?
  • SusanSusan Member
    edited August 2018

    We are also on Colleague, our import process replaced the characters with ‘????’.  We have only seen the English version of the application.

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