Embedding closed caption video from Youtube into Powerpoint using 4k Downloader

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Professor downloads Youtube video and Youtube created captions using 4k Video Downloader and embeds into Powerpoint so that internet access is not required. Captions are 70ish% correct before embedding but "utterly useless" after embedding using Youtube/4k Downloader. Somewhere in the process they get worse and messes up video and Powerpoint. Is there something better (free) to download youtube video with captions attached than 4k Video Downloader so as to not "muck up" the Powerpoint embedded video? Also, the professor is using Mac


  • Gian
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    Hi Jeremy

    We recommend that you use the product Handbrake (https://handbrake.fr/) to burn the captions in. Then you can import the video with burned in captions, and they should display correctly.

    The instructions for burning in captions:
    1. Download and install Handbrake
    2. Download the video and captions SRT file from YouTube
    3. Open the video in Handbrake
    4. Select the "Subtitles" tab
    5. Select the "Import SRT" button and select the captions file
    6. Ensure that the "Source captions" section has "Burn in" ticked
    7. Select the "Browse" button in the bottom-right corner and select the folder you want to save the new video to
    8. Provide a name for the video in the "Save as" field
    9. Select the "Start encode" button at the top of the screen
    Please let us know if you have any further questions.