Where can you find and how do you use the New SPAM Filter Web Services?

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The SPAM Filter Web Services was announced by CCCApply to be released on July 27, 2018. I am signed in to my staff and faculty CCCApply Report Center Portal and cannot seem to locate where the SPAM Filter is.

We are experiencing an influx of fraudulent applications and need assistance on where to locate this web services on the administrator and begin the SPAM Filter process.

Please help.


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    I spoke to the Tech Center last week and was told the 2.0 release was being pushed back to sometime in September so maybe it is not going to be available until then.  
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    Hi Steven,

    Yes, Jennifer is correct.  Unfortunately, due to a combination of different reasons, the 6.2.0 release has been rescheduled to September 28, 2018 - which will be the first time that the Spam Filter web service and the user interface will be live in a production environment (meaning, able to capture and suspend fraud as it's coming into CCCApply). 

    The Pilot environment version of the Spam Filter will be available to you as soon as the 6.2.0 "pilot" release is re-rolled, which should be a good six or seven weeks prior to the production date, so that colleges have adequate time to prepare for the migration from the legacy Administrator and ample time to play with the Spam Filter and other release items prior to prod release.  

    Below is the content from the Email announcement that went out last week about the release reschedule. Our apologies if you hadn't seen this or heard about the change, yet.

    System Alert  Production Release Rescheduled
    CCCApply 2018 Update: Release 6.2.0
    Release Rescheduled for September network-connectionpng - CCCApply

    In an effort to ensure all colleges have adequate time to prepare for migration, and complete implementation and training in the new system, the CCCApply 6.2.0 production release that was planned for July 27 is being rescheduled to September - which is traditionally the slowest application time for students and a better time overall for our colleges' Admission & Records offices.

    Benefits to September Release
    • Identified issues and bugs fixed across new Administrator systems
    • Time to complete implementation and training for all 110+ colleges
    • Includes additional CCCApply changes in support of AB705
    • Ensures safe production release during slowest application time

    Rescheduling the production release to September allows the development teams working on this release additional time needed to address several bugs and other issues that have been identified over the past month while working with colleges on user acceptance testing (UAT) and migration validation.

    Our commitment to quality assurance and providing colleges with ample time for testing, implementation, and training supports the additional time necessary for a successful production roll-out on the last Friday in September.

    Decrease in Fraud Since March

    In addition, we've noted a marked decrease in incoming fraudulent applications since we implemented two short-term configuration changes back in March. These were put in place to prevent spam while we finished development of the new Spam Filter Web Service. This decrease in systemwide fraud supports our commitment to finish development of the machine-learning services which will take our spam prevention to the next level.

    Communication about release activities will continue to be distributed throughout August and early September. Our hope is that this delay is helpful to our colleges as we focus on our incoming students this term.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    For news and information about the release, visit the College Support Site: CCCTechnology.info/CCCTC
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