completed_eleventh_grade values

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The data dictionary says that completed_eleventh_grade field allows null. However, in practice no applications seem to have that value. Can you confirm whether its possible?

It appears that even applications where the question is not presented (applicant is already graduated or hs country is not US), the value will be false (as opposed to empty). This means high school status can be graduated but completed eleventh grade will still be false. Is this a bug or are we expected to disregard the completed eleventh grade value dependent on the value of other fields?




  • severasevera Member
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    piggybacking on the previous question, in pilot it appears if the applicant is still enrolled in hs and selects not completed 11th grade, that the transcript questions are also not displayed. I expect that is intentional, but differs slightly from the description in the data dictionary.
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    I have created a Zendesk ticket, and a Developer's ticket to track this issue until it is resolved.  Thank you for your diligence in letting us know when you find issues!!!
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