What does MyPath do?

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    1. MyPath is a Guided Pathways and student onboarding platform

    2. Has student communication “nudging” - keeps students engaged as they transition from application to enrollment (and beyond)

    3. MyPath helps to solve the discrepancy between numbers of student applications and enrollment numbers (currently ~71% of applications from CCCApply do not result in enrollment - a loss of 1.5 M/yr)

    4. MyPath is configurable by college (content, tasks in student pathways)

    5. Complements/supplements existing local portal/tools

    6. Did we tell you it’s Free!

    7. Packaged with Career Coach

    8. Customizable workflows - can insert into student pathway before OR after application OR before AND after application

    9. Is College branded

    10. Is directly integrated with CCCApply