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I'm looking to have students in an online class post YouTube videos of themselves giving speeches. Do I need to have all of these videos captioned every semester? Or would I only need to get them captioned if a student in a class needed accommodation. Keep in mind there would be 30 to 40 videos that are 7 to 9 minutes long. They would be posting them in a discussion board and providing feedback to 2 to 3 peers.


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    Hello Ryan,

    Since the videos are part of the student assignment, ideally all the videos would be closed captioned.  An option would be to have a few videos from previous semesters or with similar content captioned beforehand.  Then the assignment could be for students to review 2 or 3 videos, including the pre-captioned videos.  As long as the accessible videos are options of all students, the assignment would not be singling out students with disabilities.

    However, as students are content authors, it is a good practice to include instruction regarding accessibility.  Close captioning video presentations is not only beneficial to students with hearing related disabilities.  It could be beneficial to all students.  That being said, part of the assignment could be including instruction about using YouTube caption editing tools or tools.  (Remember, auto captions are not considered accessible.)

    Lastly, depending on the amount of time you can allow for the peer review, you may be able to get your campus or 3CMedia to caption the videos.  You would need to contact to clarify whether this type of instructional content would be eligible for the DECT grant funding.

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    Hi Ryan

    To meet Section 508 and WCAG2 accessibility standards, you do need all of your videos captioned.

    AccessibilityOz is able to help you with your captioning needs and can be contacted via

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