Accessible Blogging Platforms

Hello. If a faculty member is interested in engaging her students in the use of blogging for reflection and formative assessment, how might she go about identifying the most accessible blogging platform? Are you aware of online resources that provide this type of tool evaluation? Or are you aware of a blogging platform that makes accessibility a priority?


  • Matt
    Matt Member
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    Both WordPress and Drupal make accessibility a priority. WordPress is likely to be easier to get started with.

    We can't speak for the hosted offering as that is extensively customized and we have not performed an accessibility evaluation of it.

    With any blogging system a key consideration and area of difficulty will be third-party plugins and addons. While the core WordPress and Drupal teams make an effort to keep their tools accessible, many theme and plugin developers in both communities do not.


  • Sean_Keegan
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    If you are considering, then they have a list of "accessibility-ready" themes that may be options to consider: That said, some of these blog themes cost money and may not always the best in terms of accessibility (although likely better than other Wordpress themes that don't address accessibility issues). ( may be a hosted solution to consider if looking for a very simple blog posting system that does a solid job on accessibility. It's not perfect, but it does offer a number of features and capabilities supporting screen-reader access and for navigating the interface. It is important that the blog author includes the relevant accessibility information when writing content, such as appropriate heading structure, image descriptions, and choosing color options that offer sufficient contrast.