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Hello, I am interested in getting started using the Accessibility Help Desk, can you help me understand what I can use it for? Can you give me some examples of questions I might ask?
How many pages can I have reviewed?


  • Sean_Keegan
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    The Accessibility Help Desk is available to provide answers on many types of accessibility questions, including those related to:
    • videos, captioning, and transcripts
    • color contrast issues
    • headings and organizing content
    • images and text descriptions
    • error messages from automated testing tools
    • accessibility of electronic documents, including PDF, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint presentations
    The Accessibility Help Desk can answer questions about interactive website elements as well. Not sure about which drop-down menu systems to use? Deciding how to make a carousel interface accessible? Ask the Accessibility Help Desk for support. 

    The Accessibility Help Desk may also be used to conduct mini-accessibility reviews (up to 10 web pages) to obtain quick website evaluations and obtain a list of accessibility issues. For example, a California Community College seeking feedback regarding the accessibility of a web page, social media content, or website template could use the Accessibility Help Desk to request such a review.

    Please note - At this time, the Accessibility Help Desk is not able to provide large-scale website accessibility evaluations at this time. Also, the Help Desk is not able to evaluate vendor-based products (e.g., publisher course packs, etc.). Please contact the CCC Accessibility Center if any questions ([email protected]).